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Galveston, Texas in the Fall and Winter: A Super Travel Secret

Galveston, Texas is a great place to visit in the fall and winter months. It’s cooler, the tourists are gone, and the cost is less. Consider Galveston, Texas as an off-season destination.

Manali During Winter: Indulge in Snow Activities and Thrilling Sports

Many of us have this ardent childhood desire to sink our feet into mounds of snow and to throw a snowball at our cousins and children. Manali, a Himalayan hill station.

5 Reasons Why You Should Vacation in Madrid

Even though Spain has had some economic difficulties in the last few years, it is still a hot-spot for European vacationers. Its climate, rich culture and friendly people make it a holiday destination for Europeans, but still somewhat of a not fully explored vacation spot for Americans. At the center of this wonderful area of the world is Madrid, and I found it to be a place everyone should consider when making vacation plans to Europe.

Why Does Victoria Attract More Than a Million Tourists a Year?

At the southern tip of Vancouver island lies the beautiful city of Vitoria, Canada. You will be surprised that Victoria is not like any other city in Canada because Victoria was a British colony a long time ago. You can still see many historical buildings from history.

A Little Known Spot for an Excellent Yacht Holiday

Do you know where the Adriatic Sea is? Just about everyone can point out the Mediterranean on a map, but few can identify it’s smaller neighbor, in the same beautiful climate tucked just to the East of Italy and the West of Croatia. In fact, many people have no idea where Croatia even is, or why you might want to take a vacation there – but, if you are looking for remote sub tropical beaches, beautiful stretches of untouched coastline, and rich culture and history, then Croatia might be exactly the travel destination you are looking for.

Firefly-Watching: An Illuminating Experience of Puerto Princesa City

Not all sights in Puerto Princesa City are best seen during the daytime. Iwahig River promises an experience that’s enjoyable only after sunset.

Trip to Palawan: Get the Idyllic Natural Paradise Experience

Getting away from the noise of the metro is good for the soul. Head to Palawan for its spectacular sights, enchanting lagoons, and impressive ecological value.

Palawan Underground River: A Site You Shouldn’t Miss

There are many wonderful places worth seeing in Palawan. One of these is the Puerto Princesa Underground River. Full of nature’s best features, the underground river will mesmerize visitors, even those with discerning tastes.

Fall in the Poconos – 5 Things To Do

Fall in the Poconos (Northeast Pennsylvania) can be the most magical season for those who enjoy nature. If you’re not one of them, the area boasts many other attractions, as well, and not just seasonal ones. Plan your visit according to your needs and likes, and consider a permanent foothold to reduce your costs and maximize your enjoyment.

Bangkok – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We as a family spent a few days in Bangkok recently and some of our experiences might just help others planning the same trip. Bangkok is an absolute must as a journey breaker if you are taking a vacation in Thailand.

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