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Things About Las Vegas You Should Know Before Visiting

If it is your first time to travel to Las Vegas, there are some things you ought to know. If you plan to walk the Strip, you cannot walk just anywhere. You have to take several walkways over the street.

What Should I Visit Near Las Vegas?

So, are you ready to face Las Vegas’ dazzling lights? This is the way to make the most of your trip far from the city. Pay a visit to a number of stunningly awesome spots less than an hour from the neon strip that most people think of when “Vegas” comes to mind.

Las Vegas Attractions Everyone Should See

Valley of Fire – The oldest, as well as largest state park in Nevada, named Valley of Fire, was dedicated in 1935. Here, you can go hiking, camping or just capture some photos of ancient trees and 30-century-old Indian petroglyphs. Spring Mountains On the west of the Las Vegas Valley lies the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area, better known as Mount Charleston to locals.

Best Grand Canyon Airplane Tours for the 4th of July Holiday Week

The July 4th Holiday is quickly approaching and now is the time to book that Grand Canyon airplane tour. Flights leave daily from Las Vegas and the South Rim. But don’t wait long to buy as they’ll sell out during this particular summer vacation. Learn more. Read this article.

Top Historical Sites in Cape Town, Western Cape

The first Europeans to discover Cape Town were the Portuguese, led by Bartholomeu Dias in 1488, followed by the Dutch in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck was sent to establish a halfway station for travelling ships. Since then, Cape Town is steeped full of history from historical sites, figures and even famous dogs.

Top Two Heritage Sites of India

India is rich in culture, traditions, heritage structures, temples, forts and royal residences. Popular Indian Monuments incorporate Old Churches of Goa, The Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar of Delhi, Charminar, Red post and Jantar mantar. These Historical Monuments are the main abundance of Indian tourism alongside other World Heritage Sites and Nature tourism places like wild stops and old temples of south India.

Top Gardens to Explore When Visiting London

When staying in London, you find yourself in a busy capital city with skyscrapers and bumper to bumper traffic. Sometimes, whether visiting for pleasure or business, you just want to escape, find that outdoor space where you can breathe in the fresh air and allow yourself a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle.

Sherlock Holmes Great Escape in London for the Whole Family

Visiting London can be exciting for the whole family. When thinking of a wonderful family holiday, not many families think of a big city, but London has so much to offer, including the fun and exciting Sherlock Holmes Great Escape experience.

Maldives, a Tropical Paradise You Won’t Forget!

Truly one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean. The crystal clear turquoise waters and the fine pearl white sands make these atolls nature’s heaven so to say.

Romantic Things to Do in London

When visiting London you probably haven’t thought of romance, but the truth is that if you are looking for a romantic weekend break or you want to take someone on a romantic getaway, then London has quite a bit to offer. With so many great opportunities for that perfect romantic date night, London has become one of the top choices for couples on their honeymoon or just looking to get away and enjoy some quality time together.

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