Ursula von der Leyen Pledges Funding for Food Security, Girls & More | Global Citizen Festival: NYC

Three Lesser Known Buddhist Sites in North India

Three lesser-known Buddhist sites in India. Located in the most beautiful natural surroundings.

Get on a Cheap Flight to Cape Town to Check Out All of the Fashion That South Africa Has to Offer!

Cape Town may not be known for being a fashion capital of the world, but it sure holds a unique spot in fashion. There are plenty of local designers who hold catwalks in their home town of Cape Town and go shopping in all of their stores for anything you may ever want.

Get Cheap Flights to Cape Town and Sample All Their Famous Local Foods and Dishes

Going on vacation is always a fun experience. One of the best things about going to another city or another country is experimenting with their local cuisine. South Africa has a rainbow of flavors and different foods that a vacationer needs to try to make their trip completely fulfilled.

Book Your Cheap Flights to Cape Town for a Honeymoon You Will Remember for Years to Come

Finding a destination for your honeymoon can often trip up some couples. They want somewhere to go that is decently priced and where they are able to have a romantic vacation while relaxing and having many things to do. If you look into Cape Town, you will find a destination perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

Book a Cheap Flight to Cape Town to Experience Activities That You Cannot Do at Home

Going away on vacation is helpful to relax and see other parts of the world. Going somewhere that gives you the opportunity to do new and exciting things that you can’t do at home is even better. In Cape Town, there are so many new experiences that you just have to try to get the full experience of the city.

With a Cheap Flight to Cape Town You Can Experience Natural Beauty of All Kinds

Cape Town has many beautiful tourist attractions that do not have anything to do with food, shopping, or fun. There are so many natural parks, mountains, and beaches for you to explore with your friends and/or family.

Top Ten Beaches of Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas

Beaches in the Bahamas are a lot different from other beaches around the world. Many other popular beaches particularly in Florida, Brazil or even Spain can be very crowded, much bigger and can lack the beautiful aquamarine luster that we have. But what definitely makes our beaches stand out more than all the others around the world is its nature beauty along the coastline and under the sea.

Book a Cheap Flight to Cape Town and Take Many Beautiful Scenic Drives Along Their Different Routes

Going on vacation opens you up to many new experiences. If you travel to Cape Town you are able to drive many beautiful routes along their coast line and more. Here you can truly take in all the natural beauty of a city that is often overlooked.

ODD, CRAZY, TRUE – 5 Fun Travel Facts For Travelers

Lover of fun trivia, then today’s short article is just for you. Here’s five fun odd facts about varying countries in the world. Now you too can seem cooler than your friends for knowing bizarre facts.

5 Reasons To Honeymoon In The Maldives

Are you dreaming of a tropical honeymoon? Then, the Maldives are a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. These islands are especially great for people who want to relax on white sandy beaches and not be bombarded by crowds. Here are five great reasons to choose the Maldives as your honeymoon destination.

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