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Great Excursions In Barcelona

There are many things within and collections from early times as well as the modernist ones. Excursions in these and many more areas will be totally fulfilling.

Great Attractions In Barcelona

Antoni Gaudi’s El Enscanche is a very great monument renowned all over. Others include Palacio Guell, Park Guell as well as Sagrada Familia among many others. All are quite modern art works.

Spain Holiday – Search for Cities and Towns

Spain, one of the world’s most-visited countries, offers a wide range of attractions. It is home to scenic coastline, idyllic beaches, quaint countryside, picturesque mountains and gorgeous cities. Holidays to Spain usually start from one of its cities or towns where tourists arrive by air, train, road or sea.

Six Tourists Stuck at The Top of The Columbus Monument in Spain

Watching the city of Barcelona from top of the Columbus Monument is a popular attraction among locals and visitors to Spain. The 60m tall monument, built in the memory of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage to the Americas, is a popular destination in the itinerary of tourists in Barcelona. A lift takes visitors to the viewing platform at the top of the column, just below the socle supporting the bronze statue of the explorer.

Most Beautiful Seville Attractions in Spain

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is one of the fascinating cities of Spain. The Moorish past of Seville, coexist peacefully with modern city life. Seville is home to numerous attractions. It has gorgeous cathedrals, magnificent historic buildings, several museums and numerous bars and restaurants.

Sousse Tunisia Travel Guide

Sousse, in Tunisia, is a little laid back town with a lively street life. Located 40 miles south of Hammamet on the coast, it offers a beach, a sea front promenade, restaurants, cafes and shops along with hotels and some self catering accommodation. The town is particularly lively around the Avenue Habib Bourguiba. Sousse offers a great variety of restaurants serving all types of cuisine including Tunisian, French, Lebanese, International and some of the freshest seafood dishes available.

Impression – Kunming

Wherever you come to Kunming, you’ll be firstly impressed by its bright sunshine, which remains unchangeable throughout the year. The sky is azure blue and seems transparent in Kunming, and you’re advised not to watch the Sun directly owing to its blinding rays.

Popular Adventure Activities to Enjoy During Andaman Tours

Andaman, an isolated territory in the Bay of Bengal, has become a thriving hub of adrenaline junkies offering a range of adventures to indulge with. Read on to know what types of adventure sports you can enjoy during an Andaman tour.

Top 7 Romantic Cities For Your Honeymoon Holiday

Planning a wedding and the lead up to the event takes a lot of couples and when it’s over is a great and exciting time to start planning your lives together. From this article you will discover and be able to start planning your own honeymoon holiday. This article covers the top 7 romantic cities for honeymooners which include countries such as America, Europe and South America.

5 Safety Tips for the First Timers to India

With a little bit of planning, you can ensure a great holiday in this country of colors. Here are 5 safety tips for the first timers to India.

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