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Are You A Nature Enthusiast? Read On and Be There

If you are an animal lover and want to spend some time peacefully in the midst of the calms of the forests, then Bannerghatta National Park is the perfect place for you and your family. And this one visit would make your day a memorable one for your entire family, especially if you have kids. Located around 25 kms away from Bangalore, on the fringes of the city, this conserved area has an action-packed day in store for you.

Tourist Attractions in the Orlando Area

What is Orlando famous for? Well it is probably regarded by most as the theme park capital of the world, which all started when Walt Disney started it all off by building the Magic Kingdom in the swamps of Florida. This was something of a copy of his first park, Disneyland which was built and still entertains people today in Anaheim, California.

Enjoying Sydney Harbour’s Sights on a Cruise Vessel

Of course, you can enjoy the famous sights of Sydney Harbour from any of the establishments located around it, but nothing compares to the pleasure of enjoying the sights on board a luxury harbour cruise. The azure water sparkling in the sun, the pleasurable company of friendly crew and passengers, wonderful dining and great music-indeed, the cruise ships that ply the harbour know what the good life is all about.

New York City Versus Los Angeles

The battle of East versus West is one of the oldest rivalries in the book – and when it comes to cities, there are only two major players. Heading up the East coast team is the historical metropolis of New York City and batting for the West coast is the City of Angels, Los Angeles. Whether you’re a resident of one of these iconic cities or you’re planning a trip there to see for yourself, here we explore the differences between these two kings of the coastline – letting you make up your own mind on the winner.

Top Popular Amsterdam Attractions

If you are planning to book an Amsterdam city hotel, you can look forward to enjoying unrivalled convenience and easy access to some of the must-see attractions this city has to offer. To help you plan your itinerary, here are some of the highly recommended activities and places to visit when in Amsterdam. City hotel accommodations abound, so finding one to best suit your personal requirements and preferences will prove to be easy.

Hawaii Flowers and Traditions

Hawaii is a melting pot for exotic flowers and fauna. Hawaiian customs and traditions are widely based around the exquisite array of unique flowers used in Hawaii lei making.

Finding Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding offers a perfect opportunity to create a highly memorable wedding experience. Many destination weddings are likely to take place in exotic locations like Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, and Cyprus. It is often the lure of a peaceful getaway and the tropical and breathtaking surroundings that make these types of weddings so enticing.

Important Reserves Around Kaziranga National Park, Assam

The Kaziranga National Park is a beautiful reserve located at the bank of the Brahmaputra River. This is identified by swamps and thick grass; thus, serves as the best habitat for the Indian One-horned Rhino.

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Destination Abroad

So, you’ve decided that you would like to get married abroad – how do you decide where would be best? We recommend drawing up a shortlist of your favourite destinations and then asking yourselves these key questions to determine which would be the ideal place for you both and your families, as appropriate: 1. How easy and economic is the destination going to be to get to?

Kauai’s Most Beautiful Secluded Beaches

If you envisage more hidden grottos, lush rainforests and untouched beaches than muscly men, night clubs and huge shopping malls when you think of a Hawaiian getaway, then the island of Kauai is for you. As Hawaii’s oldest island, Kauai has some of the island state’s most spectacular natural landforms. Only 10 per cent of the island is accessible by road, so as you can imagine a large number of the 80 kilometres worth of white sandy beaches are very much secluded. So grab your kayak or hiking boots and go and explore some of Kauai’s most secluded beaches.

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