Walkathon fundraisers for PTA

So what are walk a thons?

If you are a PTA member looking for a new idea to raise funds then listen closely. A walkathon is a fundraising event in which participants walk along a predetermined route. The walkathon’s distance, course, and topic differ from one group to the next. Many groups organize Walkathon fundraisers for PTA members on a yearly basis.

How to Organize a Walkathon

  • Get your volulunteers and supporters on board.
  • What will the route of your walk be? Outline it on a map like google maps,
  • Now it is time to make up a fun name for your walk-a-thon. Find a way to tie it into your cause.
  • Start building a list of potential sponsors for each walker.
  • Set a start day for the big event.
  • Advertise it well on social media.
  • Look for ways to make it work virtually even during the pandemic.
  • Create a walkathon fundraising form.
  • What is your fundraising goal? Set a goal for how much money every walker will need to raise.
  • Next it is time to reach out to find sponsors to meet the fundraiser goal.
  • Design fun t-shirts to commemerate the walk. You can sell these to get extra money.

Why should your PTA consider hosting walk-a-thon fundraising?

A walkathon is a community event that can attract a large number of new donors to a cause. They’re entertaining, vigorous, and appealing to a wide range of people.

Walkathons are simple to tailor to the needs of an organization and have a lot of marketing possibilities.

Here are some common frequently asked questions asked by PTA members.

What is the point of a walk a thon?

AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Lupus, and Arthritis are among the most prevalent diseases or disorders addressed by Walkathons, and participation is frequently pushed as a symbol of empowerment, remembering, or awareness of sufferers and their families.

How long is a typical walk a thon?

There is no defined length for your “-athon,” although it commonly falls between 5 and 10 kilometers. Some of these events use a sponsorship model, with participants pledging a fixed cash amount for each mile they run, walk, or bike. This is a typical occurrence during walk-a-thon.

How do you raise money by walking?

A fundraising form will normally be included in your walk packet to help you attract more people to support your walk. Make a decision on whether or not you wish to ask others. If you do, explain them how long the walk will go and why it is being held, and then let them choose a donation amount. They might be willing to pay a dollar per mile or even more.

How do you prepare for walkathons?

  • Daily stretching and exercise routine.
  • Build up your endurance the months before the event. Look to add a little more distance each day.
  • Remember to hydrate.
  • Set up water stands at bavarious points along the route.
  • Start building your list of friends, family and potential sponsors

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